Friday, January 29, 2010

What a WONDERFUL little girl Annie is!

This post today has to be dedicated to a wonderful little girl named Annie ~ We can't say enough about her so here is the link to her story:

This sweet little girl is raising money from making bracelets, to donate to the people of Haiti. She is truly an inspiration to all of us ~ and so is her Mom Libbie!

Please take the time to visit them today ~ and spread the news about the good work that she is doing!

Now for today's vintage wisdom, from Helen

"They say that a stitch in time saves nine. This is true when you are trying to sew up a stuffed chicken."

"When I was growing up, we did not have poultry lacers. We used a needle and thread. Imagine that!"

"Today I wanted to share my perfect recipe for a stuffed chicken, the way I made them back on the farm. I won't talk about how we prepared the chicken, because I know that a lot of you won't like it.

We had a coal stove which used to heat the whole house, which was small. To make the stuffing, we would use stale bread and any fruits or vegetables we had on hand at the tim., else we would use water. Always add an egg to the mix...and salt and pepper, and all over the outside of the chicken too. If we had milk, we would add that I would rub the chicken all over with butter or lard and then we would stuff it.

Back then we didn;t have timers so you had to keep checking it every 15 minutes or so. I still do that today when I roast a chicken.

So there you have it:
one chicken
an egg
vegetables and fruit

A simple dinner when you want a simple life.

Thank you to all of you who have left so many nice posts on my log. I still am not sure how it all works, but it seems very nice.
Have a nice weekend!

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  1. My grandmother cooked with a wood burning stove all her life and she could make some food that there just isn't anything to compare it to. My father was from your generation and one of 15 children. A WWII veteran he passed away a few years ago and I miss him still. Most of my life lessons learned I received from him.

    I really love your blog!