Monday, February 1, 2010

The Mushroom Girl

Helen's take on mushrooms:

"I don't exactly remember where I got this little figurine. I know that I liked it because it reminded me of my sister, and it had a little rabbit. She also had a mushroom and I like to cook with mushrooms. A lot of people don't realize that mushrooms are very good for you."

Here is some information about mushrooms:
This came from an article my daughter found for me on CNN health page.

"Why they're good for you: They may be 90 percent water and have only 18 calories per cup, but mushrooms are getting serious scientific attention. Laboratory reports and animal studies show that compounds in mushrooms may do everything from bolster immune function to suppress breast and prostate cancers to decrease tumor size. And now, Penn State researchers find that mushrooms, from the humble button to the giant portobello, harbor large amounts of an antioxidant called L-ergothioneine. The scientific buzz is that fungi, for the moment, are the only foods that contain this compound."

While scientists work to figure out how these findings will translate to dietary advice, there are plenty of reasons to enjoy mushrooms. Clare Hasler, Ph.D., a well-known expert in functional foods and executive director of the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science at the University of California, Davis, points out that mushrooms offer a healthy helping of the blood pressure-- lowering mineral potassium. "Most people might be surprised to learn that while orange juice is touted as one of the highest potassium foods, one medium portobello mushroom actually has more potassium," she says. "And five white button mushrooms have more potassium than an orange."

Helen continues to tell us about mushrooms in her mother's kitchen:
"This cookbook is another one that I have always enjoyed cooking from. When I was a little girl, one of the soups that my mother used to make was mushroom soup. It was a tradition in our family during holidays and special occasions. My mother used chicken broth, which was easier to make than beef, since we had all the chickens. She would saute the mushrooms in butter and add shallots, onions, garlic ( lots of garlic) and salt and pepper. I liked when she added carrots and celery, but my favorite ingredient was parsnips or leeks."

I want to thank everyone for coming to visit my blog. Everyone has been so nice and helpful with all of their hints.
If everyone keeps posting more hints I will have to add a second prize. Maybe it will be this little mushroom girl....or the book...or both......we shall see.


  1. Thanks for the lovely and very encouraging words that you left on my last blog post just prior to my leaving for a wee respite and ' blog nap'!~ Whereas I'm back from my respite, I thought I'd pop by to say 'hello'!.,

    I really enjoyed the mushroom info., yet more importantly I am inspired to find myriad, delectable ways to enjoy this healthful fungi!..,

    The little figurine is sooo cute!

    Cheers from Wanda lee @ The Plumed Pen

  2. Oh my gosh I'm so glad that you've written this blog about mushrooms! I love to cook with mushrooms or have mushrooms raw in salads. I'm a diabetic so it's very nice to find out about the antioxidants and the potassium especially. I don't want to eat an orange because it really sends my blood sugar up there and a mushroom doesn't effect my blood sugar at all. That sweet little girl with the mushroom and rabbit remind me of things when I was little.

  3. i love mushrooms and am so happy that they are
    that good for me!